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To The

Fourth Grade!


Ms. Leslie Shelton

Language Arts Teacher


Mrs. Jennifer Strawn

Math/Science Teacher


Welcome to another exciting year in the life of your child. We hope to make your child’s fourth grade year a positive learning experience as well as a lot of fun! We would like to take the opportunity to provide you and your child with some information that will guarantee we have a great year.

Classroom Rules

1.      Listen and follow all directions.

2.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.      Show respect for school and personal property.

4.      Work and play in a safe manner.

5.      No talking/playing in the halls and restroom.

Rewards- Ipad play time, patio passes, treats

Consequences- When a student chooses not to follow the class or school rules, he or she will have the following consequences:

First- verbal warning/ redirect student behavior

Second- loss of privileges

Third- parent contact

Fourth- office referral


Dress Code

Boys- No sleeveless shirts.

Girls- No spaghetti strap tops can be worn unless covered with a cardigan, jacket, etc. Wider strap tops are acceptable. Both shorts and skirts/dresses must come within two inches of the knee. Any long tunics or shirts over tight leggings/jeans must come down to almost the knee.



Homework will be assigned weekly. It will be given every Friday to be turned in the following Friday. Lack of homework will result in completion of homework during recess/activity.


Tiger Pride

More information will come home about this. We are excited about implementing this new positive program in our school this year.


Signed Folders

Graded papers will be sent home in your child’s folder every Thursday along with any school information. Please sign the folder and have it returned to school by Monday. Please do not put important notes or money in this folder.


Class Website

Each week the class websites will be updated with the weekly skills and any other important information about upcoming schools events. You can find our class website through the OGCE home page.




1.      If you would like to send snacks for special days (ex. birthday), please let us know. You may send them with your child or bring them to lunch.

2.      Your child may bring a water bottle to class. We have many Ipads, Kindles, etc., so the bottles should have a secure top. We ask that you not send flavored water, juice, sodas, tea, etc.-water only.

3.      We are not allowed to have a child verbally say he or she will be going home a different way. A note must come from home, or you may call the office before 2:00 to ensure that the new information gets to your child before dismissal time.

4.      Lunch prices have increased to $2.75. Reduced lunch prices will remain the same.

5.      No cell phones can be seen or heard in the classroom. Cell phones must remain in backpacks and be turned off/silent.


Ms. Shelton’s Homeroom Schedule                               Mrs. Strawn’s Homeroom Schedule


7:25-10:20       ELA/Social Studies                            7:25-10:20       Math/Science


10:20-10:45     Recess                                                 Switch

10:45-11:10     Lunch                                                  10:20-12:15     ELA

11:10-12:00     Activity                                               12:15-12:40   Lunch                                     

12:00-12:50     Science                                                12:40-1:30       Activity          

12:50 -2:25      Math                                                    1:30-1:55         Recess

                                                                                    1:55-2:25         Social Studies


Activity Schedule

We have six activity classes this year. They will be in the following rotation:




PE (Must wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes)

Science Lab


Please keep this sheet handy as a reference. Also, feel free to email or text.

leslie.shelton@dcsms.org                   Cell phone 901-487-8997

jennifer.strawn@dcsms.org                Cell phone   901-569-5522