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Birdhouses for the Garden  

In 2003, my first year at Oak Grove Central Elementary, my students started a project.  We wanted birdhouses with all 50 states license plates for the roof tops.  We contacted everyone we knew.  We wrote letters, Email, and telephoned.  There were about 25 license plates at the end of that year, and one of the parents donated time and the supplies to build the birdhouses.  The students helped paint and hammer the roof tops on the birdhouses.  At the time, there was not a garden at all.  My husband and I put in 4 X 4 posts in the ground and attached the birdhouses.  Later, the garden became a school priority and one of its projects. The trees, shrubs, and fountains were put into place around these posts.  The birdhouses add a splash of color to the garden.  Since then, my students have continued to contact people for the missing license plates and a local Boy Scout Troop has helped with repairs and getting missing states' license plates.  This year I would like to complete this project and have all fifty states represented in the garden.  Would you be willing to help?  Listed below are the states we are still lacking.  If you are able to obtain one of these plates,  please email me which one so I can take it off the list.  Also, I am needing help building the birdhouses.  I have all the supplies except for the wood.  If you could volunteer, please let me know.  The students are excited about completing the project this year.  HaHa!  It was started the year they were born!  

States still needing:




















New Jersey


New Mexico


North Carolina






Rhode Island






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