2021-2022 School Year for 5th Grade at OGCES:

  1. All parents/guardians:  I need current phone numbers and email addresses.  Please notify the office or homeroom teacher in writing with any new or updated information ASAP.  Thank you.

Mrs. Melody Moore Thompson

5th Grade Language Arts


Websites for Students:

ReadTheory - Reading & Comprehension Practice                                                     (User name & Password from school)

IXL - Language Arts & Social Studies Practice                                                (User name & password used with math)

StudiesWeekly - SS Weekly Newspapers                                                       (Same user name and password as ReadTheory)

CommonLit - ELA ~ Class Code W56QP9 ~ SUBMIT                                 (Sign Up for 5th Grade)

NewsELA – Reading Comprehension Articles - Class Code TV7V4K

GetEpic - Keep Reading Books (Class Code: yjc8281)

Non-fiction eBooks ~ Read Books ~ Username: guest & Password: follett

StoryLineOnline - Celebrity Readers

BrainPop - Educational Videos & Quizzes                                                         UserName: MT2020 & Password: Tigers#1

ReadWorks - ReadingCompWriting --- CLASS CODE Thompson: QYUDTT and CLASS CODE Conway: 6YEFRU --- (PASSWORD: 1234)




 Scholastic Learn at Home

OGCES various FREE resources


Online Texbooks



We want to ensure positive mental health for all students and families. In order to alleviate any anxiety or stress, mental health resources will be available on the district Mental Health and School Counselors’ Websites. 

Please click HERE for more information.

About the Teacher:


     My name is Melody Thompson, and I teach 5th grade Language Arts.  This includes both the reading and writing elements.  I am a graduate of the University of Mississippi's School of Education and am licensed to teach all subjects in elementary school as well as English and Social Studies in middle and high school.  I also have an endorsement in Library Media k-12.  I have been teaching at Oak Grove for over 18 years.

     This is definitely going to be another unique and interesting year!  I look forward to teaching your child this year and seeing how this transition unfolds.  I am certain we will all learn many things together.  Don't be nervous or stressful about the changes.  This is new for all of us, and we will all work together for success. 

     This is a pivotal year for students as they become more independent, responsible, and prepare for middle school next year.  I love reading and hope you take the opportunity to read as a family throughout the coming year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions through School Status, email, notes, texts, and phone calls.  Let's work together to ROCK THIS YEAR!

     Thanks in advance for all you do to support your child, his/her education, our school, and of course, me.   ;-)

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