Mrs. Gregory’s Class
4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Instead of a class wish list this year, I will be trying to get class sets of books-stay tuned for the titles we are hoping to read and learn from this year!-I hope to use Scholastic for this. I purchase most everything for our class from Amazon...because I don't know yet what our greatest needs will be, I don't have a wishing tree but. instead I welcome any Amazon gift cards :)

Who am I?

As a teacher...

I have been teaching nearly 20 years now. I am a National Board Certified teacher as well as a reading specialist. I strongly feel that in order for children to grow as thinkers, reading is essential. I want children to work hard at school and play hard at home. I am not a huge homework person, but I will strongly encourage your child (and you :) to read nightly. 

As a person...

I have been married for 23 years and we have raised three pretty great humans. I adore my family and respect my time that I get to spend with them. For that reason, I do not give out my personal number so that when I am not at work, I can be fully at home. I also work at Cedar Hills Farm on the weekend (gotta keep books in our library). When I am not at work, I love to paint and create-and of course READ!!

Our School Theme!
This year we really wan to focus on all things positive and finding ways to share our light with others! We will really be talking about how we can use our unique gifts to share the light within ourselves with those around us!