Elizabeth Dearing

4th Grade Math & Science



Weekly Skills


NF.5 Find equivalent fractions and decimals

NF. 6 Write fractions as decimals. 

NF.7 Compare Decimals



Science Objectives

    Science- Fossils and Fossil Fuels 

    Fossil- Any remains, trace, or imprint of animal or plant life preserved in Earth’s crust.

    Petrification- The process by which an organism is turned to stone over a long period of time.

    Mold fossil- A space in the sediments that fills with minerals.

    Cast fossil- A copy of an organism, like a fossil, that is created by the minerals in a mold.

    Geologist- A scientist who studies Earth, its materials, and its history.

     Paleontologist- A scientist who studies fossils.

     Natural Resources- A material such as soil or water that comes from the natural environment.

     Renewable Resources- A resource that is naturally replenished continuously and quickly such as sunlight, water, and air.

    Nonrenewable Resources- a resource that is not replenished because it takes extended periods to form such as rocks, minerals, and fossil fuels.

     Fossil Fuels- plants and animals that became buried under sediments millions of years ago and slowly transforms into substances such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

    Solar Energy- Alternative energy source from the sun that drives the water cycle and produces wind and ocean waves.

    Geothermal Energy- Alternative energy that comes from the internal heat of the earth.

     Wind Energy- Alternative energy that uses the power of the wind








    Announcements and Important Dates

    Upcoming Tests:


    February 2nd- Fractions and Decimals Test



    Fossils and Fossil Fuels- February 16th







             Important Info:

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! A class list will be sent home in the graded paper folder on Thursday, February 2nd. We will not have an official “party”, but we will be passing out Valentines. If you would like to bring treats for the class, you are more than welcome to send them in. We have 26 students. 

    Other Dates:

    February16th and 20th- Student Holidays



























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