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Welcome to 5th grade Math and Science! 


Week 12/11-12/15

Math - This week's focus: Ch. 7 Review and Test

  • Spiraling Math HW sheet to be completed daily (if assigned).
  • If at any point students do not complete their individual classwork from their math book or centers, they are to take it home to complete. At the beginning of each Chapter, a parent letter is sent home with information and examples of the skills your child will be learning. At the end of each Chapter, your child will be required to complete a study guide for a classwork grade. They are also required to bring it home to study and get signed by their parent/guardian. 
  • **Please have your child study/practice multiplication daily. This is essential to thier success in math. If your child needs additional practice with skills being learned, there are more problems in their book, as well as practice with the websites listed below (**IXL- students who paid their fee were assigned an account and can also use this for practice at home). Student login: student number@oakgrove. Password:  last name
  • Ch. 7 Test 12/13


Science - This week's focus: 


  • Students should study/review science vocabulary and notes daily to prepare for the test. It is essential that your child not only study, but also understand how to reason and apply what we have discussed during lessons.
  • The Heat and Light Science test is scheduled for 12/8.


Other News

5th Grade Field trip 12/11. Please have your child dress nice and bring a sack lunch.  

5th Grade Christmas Party will be 12/15 at 12:30 - 1:15. Our hall will have lunch at 11:30 - 11:55. You may check out your child after the party. Be watching for details to be sent home regarding things we may need for upcoming activities and the Christmas Party. 

*Please speak with your child about being kind to others. We have had some issues with some students being rude and unkind. We want all students to be safe and comfortable in their learning environment so they can be successful.


We are trying to teach the students to be responsible to prepare them for their move to middle school next year. It is the students' responsibility to keep up with and turn in all work/assignments. Any work not turned in will receive a zero. If they are absent, they are responsible for getting any make-up work completed. They have as many days as they were absent to complete the work. Also, spotlight students are responsible for getting their work and turning it in.

Graded paper folders are sent home every Thursday. Please sign the folder, any graded papers below a C, and return all graded papers. The graded papers sent home is our means to communicate how your child is doing in class and should reflect the grades seen in Power School. 

Newsletters are sent home on Thursdays/Fridays. Please watch for these as it provides information for the upcoming week. 

The 5th grade curriculum is more challenging, and is preparing your child for their move to the Middle School next year. We aim to teach them about responsibilities, following instructions, and properly preparing for tests. It is important that your child study all vocabulary, notes, and skills learned during lessons, as well as understanding how to reason and apply. 

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