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January 22nd-26th

What are we doing?

Reading: We are continuing to read the novel, Hugo. We will be focusing on comparing two characters, summarizing, and quoting accurately from a text.

Writing: We will focus on forming and writing opinions. We will practice supporting our opinions with reasons and details.




Welcome to Mrs. Bland's Class!!!

We have had a great start to the school year. I have been blessed to have a wonderful group of students this year!

We are beginning our first unit in our Making Meaning program. We are focusing on building our reading community in the classroom. In this unit we will learn how to draw inferences, use evidence to support our views, make connections, compare stories, explore similar themes, quote accurately, determine main ideas and key details, and understand text structure while reading fiction and non-fiction.

We are also beginning our first unit in our Being a Writer program. We will focus on building the writing community and the writing process.

We will be focusing on learning states and capitals in social studies. A quiz on each group of states will be given at a later date.