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Rock that Tiger Pride!

P-positive attitude

R-respect everyone, always

I-integrity (do whats right)

D-dedicated (give your all)

E-excellence (always do your best)


Please send in Boxtops for Education to help our school. We receive $.10 for each box top.


Weekly Skills


4.NBT.6- Find whole number quotients and remainders with up to four digit dividends and one-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division.


4.OA.3- Solve two step word problems with all four operations.



P.4.6A.1 Obtain and communicate information to compare how different processes (including burning, friction, and electricity) serve as sources of heat energy.


P.4.6A.2 Plan and conduct scientific investigations to classify different materials as either an insulator or conductor of electricity.


P.4.6A.3 Develop models demonstrating how heat and electrical energy can be transformed into other forms of energy (e.g., motion, sound, heat, or light).



Upcoming Tests:



Weekly timed multiplication/division fact quiz (2nd 9 weeks- 50 problems in 5 min.)

November 8- Chapter 6 test. (you will be notified if this date changes)


October 26- Heat test- your child has flash cards with the vocabulary words and it is also in their folder.  You may have them study on quizlet too.  Search for studyforEdwards and you will find all of my quizlet flashcards. 



Rockin Reminders

October 25- National Bully Prevention Day, wear orange!

October 27- Hat Day- $1 donation

October 30- October birthday cupcakes

October 31- Wear your Halloween Costume- $1 donation

Math Homework is due and checked daily in class. Please help your child remember to bring their homework to school.

Please help your child study their science vocabulary each night to prepare for the test.

Please help your child memorize their multiplication and division facts. We will start multiplying larger numbers soon. It will benefit your child to know the facts before then.



Math- Homework and the weekly newsletter come home every Friday. Homework is due and checked daily Tuesday through Friday mornings. Please encourage your child to complete their homework so they can join the homework club!



Quizlet is set up and ready for your child to use! Log on and search: studyforEdwards, join the class, then your child can study their science vocabulary and measurement facts. It is an awesome study tool to help your child. They can use electronic flashcards, games, take quizzes, and print quizzes. It is free too! You can also visit my links page to use my quizlet flashcards.

 Or go to this link-

Check out my presentations page for powerpoints and games that will help your child study and practice their math and science.



Lunch-  Mrs. Bailey's homeroom eats lunch with Mrs. Edwards at 10:45,  Mrs. Edwards homeroom eats lunch with Mrs. Bailey at 12:15. 



Please send in Boxtops for Education to help our school. Our school receives $.10 for each boxtop. There is even an app at the app store to get bonus boxtops. ( Look for Box Tops Bonus App)

What is needed in the classroom?

Color copy paper for center games

Kleenex tissues

Board games to play during indoor recess (used is great!)

Thin dry erase markers

Gallon size Ziploc baggies

Thank you!!!

IXL skills to practice 

E.1 Division facts to 12 E.2 Division facts to 12: word problems

E.3 Properties of division

E.12 Choose numbers with a particular quotient

E.13 Division patterns over increasing place values

E.14 Divide numbers ending in zeroes by 1-digit numbers

E.15 Divide by 1-digit numbers: estimate quotients

Check out these websites and learning videos!