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Welcome to Mrs.Dearing's Class!!!!


Welcome parents and students! I am very excited about the upcoming school year! Before I get into classroom procedures, I would like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Elizabeth Dearing ,and I will be your child's Math and Science teacher this year!  I have been teaching 4th grade at Oak Grove for the past nine years. I graduated from the University of Mississippi. (Go Rebels! ) My husband and I have been married for thirteen years,and we happily reside outside of Hernando!

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Snapshot of Math & Science skills for this week


4.0A.4- Factors & multiples/prime & composite numbers

4. NF. 1- Model equivalent fractions

4. NF. 1- Fractions in simplest form

4. NF. 1- Compare and order fractions

3. NF. 3- Benchmark fractions on a number line



P.4.6A.1Obtain and communicate information to compare how different processes

(including burning, friction, and electricity) serve as sources of heat energy.           

P.4.6A.2Plan and conduct scientific investigations to classify different materials as

either an insulator or conductor of electricity







Tiger Pride


Students will need to show Tiger Pride in everything we do! More information about Tiger Pride and our social contract will be sent home soon.


Tiger Pride Expectations


  • P- Positive Attitude (See the good!)
  • R-Respect (Respect everyone, always!)
  • I-Integrity (Do what’s right/ Own your behavior!)
  • D-Dedicated (Give your all, finish what you start!)
  • E-Excellence (Always do your best!)




When a student does not meet our Tiger Pride expectations or breaks the classroom social contract, he/she will receive the following consequences.


1 check- Verbal warning


2 checks- Behavior chart check


3 checks- Infraction notice to the student


4 checks- Pride Reflection Sheet and parent contact


5 checks- Office Referral




Signed Folders


We will send signed folders home every Thursday. Please sign and return by the following Monday.






 Additional Information:


  • The tardy bell rings at 7:35!
  • Breakfast costs  $1.25. Lunch is $2.75.
  • Please send a note each day for ANY change on how your child will come home in the afternoon.
  • Your child may bring a water bottle.






 Please contact me through e-mail ,or call me at the school if you have any questions or concerns.  The number is 429-1423. I will try to respond as soon as possible!!!