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Mrs.  Andrea  Yates
4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
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Mrs. Yates’ Tiger Talk

January 15-19



Unit 6.1 Vocabulary

Test January 19th

1.     fume - be very angry or irritated

2.     prudent – wise and careful

3.     reduce -make less, fewer, or smaller

4.     circumstance - facts or events that affect or explain a situation

5.     elated -extremely happy and excited

6.     dejected - sad and discouraged or in low spirits

7.     labor - work hard

8.     crave -want badly, long for, or desire very much

9.     loathe - hate, or strongly dislike





Spelling List #9
Test January 26th


1. lotion     2. station         3. vacation      4. action          5. location


6. motion   7. vision          8. decision       9. division        10. occasion


11. revolt   12. declare      13.stance         14. January     15. freezing


16. your     17. you’re        18. their          19. they’re       20. there                                






Homework: Due Jan. 19th

ELA- Read the passage and poem in this packet and answer the questions for each. You will need to use both passages for some questions.

Social Studies- Study the word and matching number definition for each social studies vocabulary term. Test will be January 26th














This Week's Activity Schedule:



Monday- No School

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Science Lab

Thursday- Computer

Friday- Library




Important Dates to Remember:





January 15th School Holiday


January 19th Skills and Vocab. Test


January 26th Spelling Test #9







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Students are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes every night!





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