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4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
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Mrs. Yates’ Tiger Talk

December 4-8





Academic Vocabulary

Test December 8th


1.      prose- is writing such as short stories, books and essays.

2.     poetry- often has short lines and contains rhythm, rhyme or both, and expresses ideas, experiences, and feelings.

3.     stanza- a group of lines together in a poem.

4.     drama- is a story that actors perform. It includes characters, setting, problem, solution, stage directions, and dialogue.

5.     stage directions-actions for the character in a play.

6.     theme- the message, moral or lesson of a story.

7.     1st person point of view- character in the story tells his/her version of the story. (Uses I, me, my, mine, we, us etc…..) the narrator is part of the story.

8.     3rd person point of view-   the narrator is outside the story. (Uses the pronouns he, she, they, them etc….)

9.     firsthand account- a description of an experience that is told by someone who participated in the event described. Told in first person point of view (I, we, me) Firsthand accounts often include the writer’s feelings.

10.    secondhand account- a description of an experience or event told by someone who did not directly participate in the event. The narrator is not part of the event. In a secondhand account the narrator can know things the subject does not.

11.    compare- shows how two or more things are alike.

12.    contrast- show how two or more things are different.

13.    setting- where and when the story or play takes place. It often includes time, place, and environment.

14.    infer- to make an inference by using your prior knowledge and clues in the story to figure out something about the story.

15.    main idea- is what the story is mostly about.

16.    narrative writing- tells a story and includes the elements of a story such as setting, characters and plot.

17.    informational writing- explains why, how, or what and includes ideas that explain and support.






1.       bought                  11. animal                                           Spelling List #8

2.       fought                  12. dictionary                                     Test December 1st 

3.       brought                13. dictionary

4.       thought                14. question

5.       sought                  15. connection

6.       hound                   16. field

7.       mound                 17. filled

8.       ground                 18. done

9.       surround             19. half

10.   astound               20. have
















This Week's Activity Schedule:



Monday- Computer

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Art






Important Dates to Remember:




-December 4-8- CASE21 Tests

-December 8- Academic Vocabulary Test & Last day to turn in FIELD TRIP Permission Slips & MONEY!

-December 15- Class Christmas Party 11:30-12:15 (Lunch will be from 10:30-10:55)







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