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Classroom Daily Schedule  






Welcome to 4th Grade!!!                          

Mrs. Tanya Musselwhite                                                         Mrs. Elizabeth Dearing

Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher                                     Math/Science Teacher


Welcome to another exciting year in the life of your child! We hope to make your child’s fourth grade year a positive learning experience as well as enjoyable. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you and your child with some information that will guarantee we have a great year.

Tiger Pride

Students will need to show Tiger Pride in everything we do! More information about Tiger Pride and our social contract will be sent home soon.

Tiger Pride Expectations

  • P- Positive Attitude (See the good!)
  • R-Respect (Respect everyone, always!)
  • I-Integrity (Do what’s right/ Own your behavior!)
  • D-Dedicated (Give your all, finish what you start!)
  • E-Excellence (Always do your best!)


When a student does not meet our Tiger Pride expectations or breaks the classroom social contract, he/she will receive the following consequences.

1 check- Verbal warning

2 checks- Behavior chart check

3 checks- Infraction notice to the student

4 checks- Pride Reflection Sheet and parent contact

5 checks- Office Referral










We will give all homework assignments for the week on Friday in our weekly newsletter, and it must be turned in the next Friday. As always, the purpose of homework is to reinforce the skills taught in class. Students who consistently don’t complete homework have trouble keeping up in class.

Please note that the student is not graded on accuracy, but whether or not HW is completed. In addition, we encourage students to read 20 minutes each night. We also encourage each child to practice their multiplication facts daily! Knowing basic facts are crucial in order to master all other math skills.


Signed Folders

We will send signed folders home every Thursday. Please sign and return by the following Monday.


Class Website

Each week the class websites will be updated with the weekly skills and any other important information about upcoming schools events. You can find our class website through the OGCE home page.


Mrs. Musselwhite’s Homeroom Schedule           Mrs. Dearing’s Homeroom Schedule


7:25-7:55       Tiger Time                                     7:25-7:55      Tiger Time

7:55- 8:25        Social Studies                                7:55-8:45      Science

8:25-10:20       ELA                                               8:45-10:20   Math

(English/ Language Arts)                              

Switch                                                                    Switch                            

10:20-10:45     Recess                                           10:20-12:15   ELA                    

10:45-11:10     Lunch                                            12:15-12:40 Lunch      

11:10-12:00     Activity                                          12:40-1:30     Activity

12:00-12:50   Science                                           1:30-1:55       Recess

12:50-2:25     Math                                                1:55-2:25       Social Studies

2:25              Dismissal                                      2:25             Dismissal


Activity Schedule- Our activity schedule will follow a 6 day rotation.

Day 1 - Music

Day 2- P.E.

Day 3- Science Lab

Day 4- Computer

Day 5- Library

Day 6- Art




  • If you would like to send class snacks, for special days or birthdays, please let us know. You may send them with your child or leave them in the office and they will be passed out during recess, snack, or break.
  • Due to early arrival, we have a snack time each day. Your child may bring one from home or purchase one for 75 cents in the gym each morning.
  • Students must be present by 7:20 in order to receive breakfast.
  • Breakfast costs $1.25 a day. Lunch is $2.75.
  • School starts and the tardy bell rings at 7:35 a.m.
  • Your child may bring a WATER bottle. Please make sure it has a top of some sort to limit spills.
  • Your child will write down many of our procedures in a notebook the first day of school. Please review these procedures with your child. The procedures are how students learn to adjust and be successful.
  • Please be aware that it is a MAJOR transition from 3rd to 4th grade. For example, changing classes can be stressful for most students since they have not had two classes in the past. It usually takes the first 9 weeks to adjust to this procedure. Please be patient with your child and help them study.
  • Please send a note each day for ANY change on how your child will come home in the afternoon and be sure to remind your child to turn that in as soon as they get to school in the morning.



We are looking forward to a great year! Feel free to email or text us with any questions or concerns.

tanya.musselwhite@dcsms.org          Cell phone- 901-491-3645

elizabeth.dearing@dcsms.org             Cell phone- 901-605-2263