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 Homework Folders  

Sign Paper folers go home on Thursday and MUST be returned with graded papers and any other school papers that need to be signed by the following Monday. PLEASE sign the outside slip. We need it to prepare for the next Thursday. Thanks!




**Please make sure that you send a note if your child's way of transportation changes and that you include the date.  **


 Breakfast is $1.25        Lunch is $2.50       Milk is .50

      **You can put money into their account on-line by going to Meal Pay Plus on the school's home page.

   Snacks are sold in the gym in a vending machine.  Drinks are $1.00 and snacks range from .50 to .75. 

Homework needs to be completed and turned in on time. If it is not, points will be deducted from their homework grade.     



Spotlight Schedule  

Spotlight Class Info  

Ms. Amanda Ray

7:45 - 2:15

Ray's- Friday


Upcoming Quizzes/Tests  

 English and Reading tests will be announced.  Check the newsletter weekly.


 Important Info * check my website "homework page" and calender for any changes*


Activity Schedule -

A - Computer

B - Library

C - Art

D - Music

E - P.E.

F - Science Lab