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       We want to support efforts to be bully and drug free everyday, and below are some suggestions from the national STOMP OUT BULLYING organization. Give them a try!

  * Ask the new student in your class to sit with you at lunch or join in an activity at recess.

  * Be a leader

  * Be brave

  * Be kind

  * Be tolerant

  * Celebrate our similarities

  * Compliment a fellow student

  * Honor our differences

  * Respect others

  * Stand up for others

      Our "A Tiger's Roar" recognition program kicked off in October. Pictures of recipients and their nominators appear on the main page of the school website. Monthly recipients and their nominators also have a celebration lunch with Mrs. Couch.

      Students nominate other students for this honor. The award is given to a student who: Demonstrates above average citizenship

      : Provides assistance to another student

      :Demonstrates an above average act of kindness toward another student


       Tutoring: West End Ministries

         When?             Tuesdays 5:00-6:15

         Where?            The Gale Center  2601 Elm Street Hernando

         Who?               Kindergarten through 12th Grade

         What to bring?  Homework, projects, or materials to study


         Registration Forms for Sixth Grade are due to homeroom teachers as soon as possible.